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It Was No Accident

On Monday night our church was broken into. We lost some media equipment and some sound equipment. It looked like they only stole from our area of the building. I hadn’t heard about it until I arrived at church on Tuesday evening. My heart was still and I didn’t know what to say when they told me. It was surreal… to say the least!

Today I started looking through the pictures that have been posted on facebook of our first conference this last week. I began to see what a powerful ministry that I am a part of! It is a privilege. God has taken me through some rough spots since I’ve been there. Meaning, I found myself being shaped really quickly.

The other day I was driving with my mother and I felt like I realized why I had gone through the ministry course at the The Potter’s House. It came to me like this, “If you hadn’t gone through that you wouldn’t still be around (on the praise team)” I went through alot of warfare as I went through that training.

Our assignment at Citichurch is our music, that is our ministry, praise and worship and we are very effective. God has privileged me to be surrounded by ministers who love God and know how to worship! Everyone on this praise team has been in ministry for years! I am the “baby” of the group. We have had others come and go but God had to prepare me to step into this. It was no accident!

Please pray for Citichurch! We need it! Because I believe if you are effective you will have retaliation! Bless you for your prayers and may God honor them and bless you with what you’re greatest need is in Jesus Name!!!!!!!  ABUNDANCE!!!! In Jesus Name!

My name is Celia De Leon and I am 41 years old. I have an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Music and Video Business. I gave my life to the Lord the early part of 1997 and have been serving him ever since. I completed my Ministry course at the Potter's House of Dallas in June of 2011 and have since moved on to serve at Citichurch of Dallas on the Praise and Worship team.
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  • Stayinindalight,

    Congratulations. I praise the Lord for being faithfully in guiding your all these years through rains and storms to prepare you to be his valuable instrument today.


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