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A fellow blogger posted a blog about her decision to read through the bible from beginning to end and journal what she learned about God.

My mind started to see the similarity between journaling and journeying.

Journey- passage or progress from one stage to another

Journaling is an awesome way of keeping up with what you are thinking and what you going through. Then you are able to look back and see how you have overcome some things. It allows you to tap into what is inside you! (I believe)

We are made in the image of God and if we are a believer, the Holy Spirit is residing within us! God can give us an answer to what we are searching for. I used to do this alot but noticed that when I stopped my life became out of order. I know God is a God of order and we were made by him so the excellence is within us! We are wonderfully and fearfully made.

I would challenge you to try this. It may not be easy if you have never done it but even if you do it weekly you will see some things that you have never seen before and I believe, learn alot about who you are (as my fellow blogger said) as you take this journey with me.



My name is Celia De Leon and I am 41 years old. I have an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Music and Video Business. I gave my life to the Lord the early part of 1997 and have been serving him ever since. I completed my Ministry course at the Potter's House of Dallas in June of 2011 and have since moved on to serve at Citichurch of Dallas on the Praise and Worship team.
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  • I think this is a great testament to the value of journaling for Christians. I hope you don’t mind, I added it to the featured posts section of the main site (right sidebar).

    God bless!

    • No don’t mind. I’m honored! Thanks Michael.

  • Stayinindalight,

    That is what I have just begun to do, to read the Bible daily. Journaling is a fantastic idea to help us to learn more about God, His dealing with mankind and how He guides me through our spiritual journey; furthermore, it help us to cultivate a stronger relationship with God by staying close to Him daily.

    Thank you for your post.


    • Thank you pelicanflies for your comment. It is very enlightening and the Lord always knows what we need to hear.(read) I just love when I read something that I have read before and one day it just speaks to me as I read it again! GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!

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